2nd week РBaby Rosco 

Another week has passed since I had this little man. This week has been a lot better, he is starting to sleep through the night without whining. Which I am really happy for since were up at 4 am and we need our sleep. I took him to work twice and I was really surprise to see him behave and just waiting for me to get off work.

This week had been dealing with him pooping! He pooped in my car three time, which I am not happy about. One time right in front of me at 5 in the morning! I put him in the bath tub to poo before I head out but he didn’t. The next time was when I didn’t want to leave him in the house one late night, so I left him in my car to go for a walk with my man and his dog. It was literally 10 mins and I came back there was poop on his blanket. The other time was when I was getting gas, just one min and then he poop on his new blanket! I’m glad my seats are leather and not fabric.

Now that he’s comfortable with the people I love he gets alittle too excited. He’s always jumping around and running around like crazy. Especially at my man house, once we open the bedroom door he books it to the kitchen and then books it back in. He’s starting to bite on clothes which scares both of us, he’s been jumping off his bed when he’s not suppose to and just a baby! But all in all I still love this little man.