Rainy umbrella walk dateĀ 

It’s a rainy Vancouver week here. Don’t you just hate the rainy weather, it just makes the day slower and gloomer? I was never a rain person, always had loved the hot sun. I’m not a umbrella person, because of bad experience with my umbrella flying away, turning inside out or just blowing me away. I’m a put on a hoodie person or a scarf when it rains.

Today in a long time my man and I had a old school romantic walk. It was probably one of the best moment I had. Out of no where he pulled out a umberella before we left the house. My reaction was like “NO! Why we need an umbrella?!” He said “Don’t worry I’ll hold the umbrella.” As we were walking we stopped and he said “My lady”. Yes I love it when he treats me old school style, it feels more touching than “babe”. “Hunny” makes me get the butterflies but doesn’t beat “my lady”.
A kiss under the umbrella with the rain, it is the most romanticist thing ever. Some would say fancy dinner, but I rather pick a walk on the beach than nice dinner. Sometimes it’s the little thing that matters. The fights don’t matter at the end of the day. What matters is having eachother at the end of the day.

Sometimes when things aren’t going well, it’s time to go for a walk, hold hands and have those kisses. Don’t afraid to pull back the old school days, take it to the 50 century and just enjoy it. Yes he still open doors for me, pay for food, drive me to nice spots, and holds the umbrella so I don’t get wet. It’s the best thing ever.