Vancouver Hot Pot: Boiling Point 

Who doesn’t like hot pot? Especially a hot pot to yourself! Well Vancouver has these little hot pot places all to yourself! Where your food doesn’t get cold if your a slow eater and I’m a slow eater.  It takes me about an hour to eat a bowl to myself. So I like my food to stay hot. I’ve been here a few times and if your around the area it’s a great place to go, just not in the summer. I came here once in the summer and I was sweating like no tomorrow! 

Atmosphere: The atmosphere here can get really crowded, especially at dinner time. Besides having to wait for seats, it’s pretty loud since this is a family restaurant where you might hear babies crying or just people talking loud. So I wouldn’t recommend coming here on your first date. During lunch hour there usually is no wait. This place gets pretty hot, so don’t be wearing your wool sweaters and scarves here. 

Price: This place is pretty pricey for a one hot pot. You pick either rice or a bowl of vermecilli with your hot pot. The picture above us is about $12-15 per a pot. If you go during lunch time you get a free iced green tea or black tea of your choice. Dinner you don’t get a free drink sad to say and the hot pot are alittle bit more pricey but same size. 

Food: The food here is amazing! There are spicy and non spicy hot pot. You get to pick how spicy you want your dish. If your Asian and like stinky tofu, they got that here. On the table you get to make your own sauce to dip, which is great when you want different taste in your food. The house special is the go to if you don’t know which one you like (top picture) and the lamb hot pot (bottom picture) which is not spicy, but as you can see lots of stuff in the lamb hot pot. Pair is with a fresh milk tea! Underneath your hot pot is a fire lit with wax, it last for about 30 mins or more. But when you feel that you don’t need the fire no more you have the choice to ask them to shut it off. Which is a great thing, so your food is always hot.

Service: The service here are kinda not what you expect. Some of them have an attitude like getting annoy of customer, standing around and talk to their croworkers. Sometimes I know it gets busy but no need to place the bowl on the table so hard. The Richmond location has a lot of staff but only some of them would come around to fill your water or tea up and ask if you want your fire to be shut off. The Burnaby location not as much and it can be hard to get their attention when you need something because the way the tables are set up. 

Location: There are two location one in Burnaby and one in Richmond. If you have a chance stop by at any of these or even both so you can experience both restaurant! There are other location around the world so check out this website of there is one where you live in! Tell me  your review on it!


Quick Vancouver Food – Cathy House

On a cold rainy day like today in the city of Vancouver, you ask yourself “What is a quick fast go to hot noodle soup cafe” Well I got you there. There is nothing better than going to a cafe that taste like homemade food. I been coming to this cafe since I was in 8th grade and it had never failed me once.

Service: The owners are an old happy Asian married couple, who is always really welcoming. They know you’re a frequent customer once they know your name. They’ve always got something to gossip about. One time they told me that these two brothers had pet mice and snake, I know it’s disgusting but some kids find that not scary and gross. I have no idea why. Another time the wife told me she slipt down the stairs and had to close their business for two weeks. Their service is quick and fast, once the husband takes your order he radio’s it to the wife in the back to make it. While he makes your drinks and bring out cutlery for you. Find this sanitary because when cutlery are set out for too long bacteria start to grow on cutleries.

Food & Drinks: A must try is the “Curry rice noodle w/ fish ball” it kills on a cold weather day. If you’re not into the little bit of spicy taste, you can go for the “Wonton noodle soup” or the “Rice noodle w/ dimpling soup”. If your sick and not feeling the noodle, I recommend the shark fin soup (it’s not real shark fin). Don’t forget to order your noodles with a ” Cold Hong Kong style milk tea!” The hong kong style milk tea is up to how sweet you want it, they give you the sugar syrup and you decide how sweet you like your tea. My all time favorite bubble tea here is the “Dream of lover w/ pearls” it’s a mixture of mocha and chocolate blended together. If you’re looking for a more of a summer fruity drink order”Green apple, watermelon or strawberry w/ kiwi” you can never go wrong with a refreshing drink like these three.

Atmosphere: Other people would call this place a bit ghetto in there, because it’s not fancy or updated. But hey your going there for the food, you’re not living there! I recommend in the school year do not go there at 11:40-12:15 because that is lunch time for the kids. You will not find a table to eat here! Because kids call to make reservations for lunch. So let them eat during their lunch break since education matters to kids. After school closer to the summer hot days there are kids here that likes to order drinks, so line ups can be long at this time.

Cost: Their bowls of noodle soup and a Hong Kong Style Milk Tea is no more than $8. The prices are reasonable because of the kids that come here during lunch. It’s a great deal and what matters is that your full in the end!  If you just like curry fish ball or curry beef balls is about $4 for 5 pieces. It’s a great snack!