2nd week – Baby Rosco 

Another week has passed since I had this little man. This week has been a lot better, he is starting to sleep through the night without whining. Which I am really happy for since were up at 4 am and we need our sleep. I took him to work twice and I was really surprise to see him behave and just waiting for me to get off work.

This week had been dealing with him pooping! He pooped in my car three time, which I am not happy about. One time right in front of me at 5 in the morning! I put him in the bath tub to poo before I head out but he didn’t. The next time was when I didn’t want to leave him in the house one late night, so I left him in my car to go for a walk with my man and his dog. It was literally 10 mins and I came back there was poop on his blanket. The other time was when I was getting gas, just one min and then he poop on his new blanket! I’m glad my seats are leather and not fabric.

Now that he’s comfortable with the people I love he gets alittle too excited. He’s always jumping around and running around like crazy. Especially at my man house, once we open the bedroom door he books it to the kitchen and then books it back in. He’s starting to bite on clothes which scares both of us, he’s been jumping off his bed when he’s not suppose to and just a baby! But all in all I still love this little man.

End of month

End of month – March 2017 

It’s the end of March, we had snow and rain here in Vancouver and finally it’s sunny today. I just want to start off my morning to say thank you to my fellow viewers and followers. I want to give a shout out to my beautiful followers this month. Go check them out, they all got good blogs to read up on.

This month had been a crazy month was filled with note taking and signing up for ads and sponsorship. I had signed up for bluehost, was a waste of my money. Was disappointed because it wasn’t helpful. Well it’s a new month, time to do new things and learn new things. I realize most of you like my food posts, so I’ll try to put up more food blog next month.

Happy Friday! See you tmrw!


Vancouver cheap eat – Deer Garden 

Who doesn’t like cheap good food? But where and what is good? Is the portion worth it? Don’t you just hate it when your deciding where to eat but have a budget? I feel you there! I’ve got a good place for you to hit up if your in Vancouver or Richmond I come here often and I’ll tell you everything about it. 

Atmosphere: This place can be busy during dinner time, if you don’t like the wait then make reservation. For lunch I find it moderate, no wait here. It maybe a bit loud but it always depends on where they sit you. I like it away from the door, it’s more quieter. It depends which location you eat at there are window seats in Richmond. Vancouver has one window seat. You will notice this is a good family restaurant and yes babies too! 

Price: A big bowl of noodle soup is $11 tax included. Other dishes are no more then $10! Did I tell you the meal comes with a drink! 

Food: The noodle soup you see above are chosen of your choice. You pick your soup, veggies, meat, seafood and type of noodle! And with additional charge you can get three piece of chicken wings or ox tongue and many more for a dollar something. If you don’t want noodle soup, while there are other food! There are many steamed rice bowls like with pork meat and sausages. If you like western food they got baked fatty cheese with pasta! The drink menu has a variety of drinks from pop to Hong Kong style milk tea to bubble tea. 

Customer service: The customer service here aren’t as good as expected. There are rude servers that when you ask for too much they get annoy. The food is fast, especially the Vancouver location. Richmond location, not as fast. 

Location: They have 4 locations, 3 in Richmond and 1 in Vancouver. I recommend the Vancouver one, not too pack and loud.


Pan Fried and Baked Chicken with Avocado and Rice

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Chicken is always a healthy to go meal, there are many ways you can cook chicken but here is just two ways to make chicken fast and easy. Had you ever ate chicken that taste very dry? Well I’ll show you a little way that will make your chicken taste juicy


  • Fresh Chicken breast (washed and clean all the sticky fat attached)
  • Chicken spice (Weber: Chicken kickin)
  • Teaspoon of chicken bouillon w/ 1 cup water or you can use chicken soup
  • Parsley

Let’s get to it

  • Pan Fried Chicken
  1. Heat your pan up with olive oil in high heat
  2. Put your chicken breast in
  3. Depending how thick your chicken breast is, if you don’t slice the chicken breast 15 mins on each side. If you do slice your chicken to a thinner portion it’s 10 mins on each side
  4. Once it start browning on each side pour in your chicken soup (DO NOT USE JUST WATER), the key is to not put the lid on
  5. When water is evaporated, check to see if chicken is cooked inside. If its not done continue step 4. Lower the heat, put in your spices and parsley, brown it a bit more.
  6. Serve it with avocado and rice
  • Baked Chicken Breast
  1. Preheat oven at 350
  2. Set up your baking pan with aluminium foil
  3. Rub Spices on your chicken breast and parsley
  4. Put in your baking pan with 1 cup of chicken soup
  5. Cover it with another aluminium foil on top (so it does not dry up)
  6. Bake chicken for 25 mins, then check if it’s done
  7. Serve with avocado and rice

First 5 days: Baby Rosco 

It’s been a week since I had blogged because of this little man. Meet Rosco, he’s a jackchi, 10 weeks old and weighs 2lbs. He’s a rescue dog, when his mama was pregrant with him and his sibling, the owner abandoned her. This breaks my heart. Usually I think about getting a puppy because I know I won’t want it in a week. But this one had stole my heart. I’ve been adjusting to his schedule the past few days. My sleeping night turned into sleepless night. My Sunday turned into waking up 6am! But it’s been worth it since his poop are finally normal. When I first got the dog he wasn’t well, his poop was watery and had blood in it. A result in cheap wet food and not enough dry food.

Ever since I got this little man, I realize as he starts to get comfortable he is a trouble maker! He spent one morning with my man while I was at work and little man became attached to my man. We’ve finally got to put him into bed not too long ago because he wanted to see us while he sleeps. But today we wanted some space so we put his bed at the end of our bed, he pokes his head up and starts whining. Then we try to to stack his bed up high by the door where he can see us by my man side but he jumps off and comes to my side. Then we used a chair with his bed stacked high, guess what he does? Goes in between his bed and the chair and pokes his head out on the side, looks at me and sleeps. I’m just like seriously?! You have a bed but you want to be squished. So we’re just like ok let’s just give him the chair.

Finally by 11 the two boys passes out and I can finally have some time to blog before I get up in 4 hours! Having a dog had somewhat taught me a few things and had also made my love relationship grow a bit. I got to get back on blogging in between when this little man is sleeping and not sleeping as well. I’ll have a update on my dog every Sunday from now on. Hopefully I can get some videos in! Good night world!

Ladies, News report

News: Women should by law wear high heel if their a waitress

The other day I was reading the news and there was going to a bill made by a man saying it should be by law for a woman to wear high heels while waitressing.  I thought this was pathetic and it made me angry inside. Men never walked in heels for 8hrs, never danced in heels and never even put on a pair of heels ever. I remember waitressing and one of my boss said I should wear dress and heels everyday. No, no, no, but dress? Sure when I feel like it. But not heels, especially on a busy day!? I’m sorry but I’m going to put my heels down. I’m not going to risk falling and twisting my ankle if I need to run back and forth. I’m talking about running fast taking orders, deilevering food to table to table and cleaning tables.

It’s not safe to be walking in heels if your not comfortable in it. You can slip walking to the kitchen (dish pit), up the stairs or just on flat platform floor. Who wants that to happen? I’m pretty sure no one. It’s crazy how men think how women looks more professional and good looking. But never care about a woman. So you can make the restaurant into a club? Not even all club waitress wear heels, they wear what’s comfortable! A woman commented and said “Women has been doing this since 17 centuries.” Seriously girl!? what century do we live in now? What’s wrong with wearing flats? It’s cute and comfortable, you work more faster and harder in them anyway. 

There was this one post when a man commented  saying “Do you think men want to wear steel toe boots for work? No, but we signed up for it. And when you sign up to be a waitress you should be require to wear heels. Deal with it.” It made me so angry reading that post because it made me want to say “NO! You wear steel toe boots for safety reasons, you sign up for the job because it was the only job you can get! It’s good for you to have women wearing heels so you sickos can check out their legs, did your mama not raise you right but to be a prev? Your there to eat not pick up girls and their there to take your orders not be your escort!” 

I’m glad this bill did not go through as being illegal for a woman to wear heels as a waitress. There are more important stuff to worry about than worry about a woman not wearing heels. Only a man would think of this nonsense. This is what I call women love and supporting all the women who waitress for a living! 


Vancouver Romantic and Family Restaurant – Provence Marinaside

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If you’re looking for somewhere romantic to take your special someone I recommend this nice restaurant called Provence Marinaside. My parents took me here for my birthday and it was our first time here, first impression? Not bad. It was lobster festival and they have the best lobster that I’ve tasted. This restaurant is based on their best seafood. So if your looking for steak or something, I wouldn’t recommend coming here. This is a nice place to go to on a sunny day, since it’s facing the Yaletown Coal Harbor.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere is a bit loud but not loud enough that you can’t hear your table. There is a patio seating here, so I recommend making reservations since in the summer the patio is very popular. When I first walked into this place it was more like family and elderly people. I like this that way because when there is young people, things get a little too loud. So if you prefer family time and just a romantic time with your significant other, this is a good spot.

Food: The food was awesome, we got the lobster festival three course menu and yes I do love three course menus. We had bread served to us when we were waiting for our order. You get to try their appetizers, entrees and dessert menu, which is good for family dinners! For our appetizers (top row) we had a Lobster bisque soup , Lobster salad and Lobster with smoked tomato gratin. I had the Lobster salad, it was pure meat which is what everyone loves! For our entrees we had the Lobster Thermidor, Whole Atlantic lobster (last rectangle) and Seared Lois lake steel head with lobster. I had the Whole Atlantic lobster which was filling, lots of lobster meat. For our dessert we had a strawberry cheese cake and a coffee creme brulee.

Customer service: I find the service a little rush during dinner time, our server seemed like he wanted us to older fast and quick. Every time when we finish one plate our table was cleaned which was nice because some people do eat messy. Water was given to us frequently in between dishes.

Price:  For this 3 course Lobster festival menu was $56 per person, it was a good deal and filling. I had checked the menu as well it wasn’t pricey, just like any normal restaurant a entree would be around $30.

Others: After dinner I recommend taking a stroll around the Yaletown seawall. You get to look at the boats, water view and see across Granville Island.



The Meaning Of My Charms

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People always ask me what do my Pandora charms means but I always just give a short answer “Their just from my man and friends.” I don’t go in-depth with it because the charms go a further meaning than just from loved ones in my life. These charms represents what my heart holds, though there are other loved ones in my heart I hold but never gotten a chance to go get the charms. Like my cousin, best friend and a friend who went to heaven. When my man first got me a Pandora charm, I was more happy than recieving something else. It’s the little things I hold in my heart.

So what do my charms mean?

  1. Buddha: My religion that I follow and protected by. When I was younger going to the temple was fun, especially at the beginning of the year on Chinese New Years, it still is. If your really traditional, you get this nice feeling after praying and murmuring their ritual.
  2. Circle of Family: This of course represents my family of circle, my parents and my two sisters. The gold hearts between each family member represent the pure love I have for each of my family member.
  3. Circle of Hearts: This was given to me by my man on my 23rd birthday, my first Pandora from him. I look at this charms as also our 1 year of ups and downs. He picked it out because it’s was pretty but to me it means more than just a pretty charm.
  4. Blue Teddy bear: This one was heartbreaking when I picked it out, because it represent our son in heaven. Though he is not here he is still in my heart. It was heartbreaking to know that my baby boy wasn’t here but it was even more heartbreaking to hear the cashier say “Is someone having a baby?”
  5. Panda: Represent one of my friends. This also represent my man and my middle name in Chinese “Hung”.
  6. Winnie the Pooh: Represent one of my friend named Winnie.
  7. Kitty holding a present: This was given by my man on our 2nd Christmas spent together.

What does your Pandora charms represent?

Food, health

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

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This recipe had always worked for me since I started to take care of myself. We all hate being sick with the sniffles, coughs and the chills. But here is my secret to curing this cold. This recipe has a little twist of different kind of herbs and spice which brings out the richness in the soup to stop your cold. A lemon added in the end, helps fight the cold and the sore throat. It’s better to cook up some soup with helps than to take medications that make you drowsy and more sick.

I will take you step by step

  1. Cook your choice of 2 cups of pasta and set a side
  2. In a big pot add a dash of olive oil, saute half of an onion and garlic
  3. Add 1 can of chicken stock with 2 cups of water
  4. While your bringing it to a boil, your 5 drumsticks should be cut ( bone and meat)
  5. Add chicken : bone + meat. Add your herbs: rosemary, thyme, mint
  6. Let it sit and simmer for an hour or so
  7. Add in your veggies of choice: Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, corn
  8. Let your veggies cook and then give it a taste
  9. Add a dash of : ground pepper, cayenne powder (paprika), chili powder and garlic powder and then give it another taste, adjust to your taste
  10. Add pasta, let it simmer for 30 minutes
  11. Squeeze a lemon and your parsley and give it a taste

As you can see this recipe does not require salt, I like to stay away from salt since it’s not that good for your body especially when you are sick. Your herbs and spices brings out the richness in the soup already. This serves about 6 people and it takes about 2 hours if you want a good tasty soup. I hope you get well soon!


Hemoglobin H Constant Spring

Processed with MOLDIVEveryone gets sick at some point in life, but what is it like being sick with a health condition called Hemoglobin H Constant Spring Disease? (Thalassemia) a form of anemia; This disease is not contagious, it’s inherited by your parents, their parents and through generations. A blood disorder which causes your body to have more white blood cells then red bloods. Which causes your body to run of breath easy sometimes. Some people are as minor as no symptoms and some make a huge impact in everyday life. I don’t like talking about my health problems, but since I don’t know you and you don’t know me I’ll explain what it is. For those that have this condition, you’re not alone and I know what it’s like to not get up sometimes.

I found out I had this condition when I was in 5th grade. One day I didn’t feel good while I was painting and suddenly I turned pale. I was really active and healthy before so I never felt like this. My blood result came back saying I have this blood disorder since I was a little girl. As a little girl at that time, I thought it wasn’t serious and I just carried onto what I did everyday. Fast forward to 5 years later, my health started to fall downhill when I got sick, being sick was nothing. But this time I couldn’t get up, I couldn’t eat and all I wanted to do was just sleep. My parents rushed me to the hospital when I started to hallucinate. My hemoglobin was sitting at 30, the edge of death and that was why i was hallucinating.

Staying in the hospital for a month, I had received 7 packs of blood transfusions, wasn’t a loud to go out the room, puking, coughing and fever constantly. In the end when I finally got discharge I couldn’t even walk, the only time I walked was to the washroom and it was really depressing being like this. Being hospitalized, all I worried about was school, work, and failing. I wanted to go back to the original me but I couldn’t, I was too weak. In my body was someone else blood, I didn’t feel like me, I was scared and I hated myself.

As time went on, I realize I’ve became weaker and weaker growing up. Blood transfusion every 5 years when the weather got cold was brutal. As things in life becomes more difficult, health became a bigger impact. There is no cure for this condition, but to take care of yourself. You may say iron pill, but iron pill becomes an overload in hemoglobin which becomes a chronic anemia and you can die. This condition is connected with other health conditions like bone problems, spleen enlargement, kidney stone and dark urine = urine tract infection. If your Asian I recommend you not to use moth balls in the house, it can block your breathing airway and causing you to faint because it’s one of the allergies. Another allergy is sulfa antibiotics, I use this antibiotics but if it makes you feel really dizzy and weak, it’s best to stop because your hemoglobin is going down. Instead ask for ammo antibiotics.

Through the years of dealing with light headed or feeling like fainting is to get to a bed, grab ice pack and cold water. If you can’t get to any of these the best thing to do is go outside and breathe the cold because cold help you breathe better when you’re at a stage of feeling light-headed. It’s always good to be with someone you trust when you feel this way just in case you faint. Vitamin D, Calcium and Folic Acid are your everyday friend. If you’re a woman, these things help for your future pregnancy. Go see

Sometimes you may think that a lot of stuff you can’t do, you can! You just go to protect yourself when it comes to competitive sports. Protect your spleen, your bones, and stay healthy. This does not change the beautiful person you are!