2nd week РBaby Rosco 

Another week has passed since I had this little man. This week has been a lot better, he is starting to sleep through the night without whining. Which I am really happy for since were up at 4 am and we need our sleep. I took him to work twice and I was really surprise to see him behave and just waiting for me to get off work.

This week had been dealing with him pooping! He pooped in my car three time, which I am not happy about. One time right in front of me at 5 in the morning! I put him in the bath tub to poo before I head out but he didn’t. The next time was when I didn’t want to leave him in the house one late night, so I left him in my car to go for a walk with my man and his dog. It was literally 10 mins and I came back there was poop on his blanket. The other time was when I was getting gas, just one min and then he poop on his new blanket! I’m glad my seats are leather and not fabric.

Now that he’s comfortable with the people I love he gets alittle too excited. He’s always jumping around and running around like crazy. Especially at my man house, once we open the bedroom door he books it to the kitchen and then books it back in. He’s starting to bite on clothes which scares both of us, he’s been jumping off his bed when he’s not suppose to and just a baby! But all in all I still love this little man.


First 5 days: Baby Rosco 

It’s been a week since I had blogged because of this little man. Meet Rosco, he’s a jackchi, 10 weeks old and weighs 2lbs. He’s a rescue dog, when his mama was pregrant with him and his sibling, the owner abandoned her. This breaks my heart. Usually I think about getting a puppy because I know I won’t want it in a week. But this one had stole my heart. I’ve been adjusting to his schedule the past few days. My sleeping night turned into sleepless night. My Sunday turned into waking up 6am! But it’s been worth it since his poop are finally normal. When I first got the dog he wasn’t well, his poop was watery and had blood in it. A result in cheap wet food and not enough dry food.

Ever since I got this little man, I realize as he starts to get comfortable he is a trouble maker! He spent one morning with my man while I was at work and little man became attached to my man. We’ve finally got to put him into bed not too long ago because he wanted to see us while he sleeps. But today we wanted some space so we put his bed at the end of our bed, he pokes his head up and starts whining. Then we try to to stack his bed up high by the door where he can see us by my man side but he jumps off and comes to my side. Then we used a chair with his bed stacked high, guess what he does? Goes in between his bed and the chair and pokes his head out on the side, looks at me and sleeps. I’m just like seriously?! You have a bed but you want to be squished. So we’re just like ok let’s just give him the chair.

Finally by 11 the two boys passes out and I can finally have some time to blog before I get up in 4 hours! Having a dog had somewhat taught me a few things and had also made my love relationship grow a bit. I got to get back on blogging in between when this little man is sleeping and not sleeping as well. I’ll have a update on my dog every Sunday from now on. Hopefully I can get some videos in! Good night world!