Words and action both hurts

What are relationship when we don’t see ourselves but someone steps into your life and acts like they walked in your shoes. They point out things that are harsh and it burns into our souls when we know we are not like that. We face the heartaches and it messes around with our heads. But they act like they are prefect when they are actually insecure about themselves. The most twisted part is when everyone knows how insecure they are. Why do people step on others for they’re own issues? Do people feel good afterwards when they make themselves look good. People go around and around thinking what they do is “Love”. 
I’ve walked in my shoes on my past relationship and I call those actually “Love” then having someone say this is “Love and protection”. I’ve been a protective lover and a chill lover before. But I never had needed to point out someone else’s insecurities in my past. Why? Because I look at it as we’re all different people, we been on different roads and we’re born from different parent. That’s just who we are. Having someone step on you and say the most ridiculous things to you everyday it hurts. You think to yourself why are these people stepping on you? Why are they acting like you done something wrong? Why are they even trying to talk about what you wear, look or who your friends are? 
Imagine being a relationship, where you see forever with that person and you never felt that with anyone. They care about you and show their soft side to you. They have flaws but it was flaws that showed who they were and it was sincere. Now imagine those flaws turn into someone that you don’t even know them anymore. The flaws that start turning you into someone you don’t know anymore because of them. You lose yourself. You start to think what do you have to lose anymore at this point. You start to get scared of who you want to get close with. You start to get scared of being attached to someone again. Because heartaches hurt. Words hurt. Action hurts. 


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