Vancouver Fine Dining – Minami 

What is a good spot when you are looking for Japanese fine dining, not too pricey but still elegant but most of all filling. I would say Minami is a go to spot. I’ve only been here with my girlfriends for lunch when it’s not too crowded and loud. All this was about $90 for three. We had a table set in the middle for us so we didn’t get a window seat. Since this restaurant is located on a strip of resturants and shops, I don’t think there is a view. But a view of branches. 

Atmosphere: I find this restaurant very casual in the day time. It’s elegant and dim inside. Not too loud, because no one likes hearing plates, glasses and people talking so loud that they can’t hear a thing their table is talking about. This resturant is one of the romantic fine dining to bring your significant other with. Since it’s a different atmosphere at night but I can be wrong because I’ve never been here for dinner. 

Food: The part you all been waiting for and who can forget about the food. My girlfriends and I thought the food was really good and filling for lunch. We had a three course lunch menu. We had miso soup as our first course, then we got our 4 bowls of assorted tasting entree. From left to right: A salad made with arugula and goat cheese, topped with a sweet dressing. 2 piece of salmon sashimi, 1 piece of tuna sashimi with a little bit of wasabi sauce added on top. Roasted beef with sauce, purple yam and potatoes. Last is the Saba with broccolini. Our next course was the assorted sushi, they were the bomb! You have to eat this slowly, to absorb the yummy texture and flavour. Next was the raspberry sorbet, with berries and a Japanese cracker on top. We also order a roll of sushi, even though we were full at this point we were able to finish it all. 

Service: Our server was really poilte, she took our order giving us suggestion on drinks to pair it with. Our tea we’re always constantly being filled and our server made sure our food was good. The service were fast, food came out in 5 mins. 

Cost: The pricing in this menu can be alittle pricey but not too pricey to a point that it is not satisfying and not filling. A roll was $15 that had 6 pieces. My ice tea was $3 with no refill. 

Location: This is located in Yaletown -Mainland, Vancouver BC.


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